Cura | "k u - r uh" | Care

Derived from the Latin word meaning the name of a divine figure, whose name means "Care" or "Concern"

Meet Adam

Being the second born in a large family of 13, Adam quickly fell into the position of both the care giver and role model for his siblings. After graduating from high school at the top of his class he entered the workforce without a focus. After years of working a variety of jobs Adam realized that he wanted to give back to his community. One thing that always remained constant was Adam's drive to give back and assist causes that were close to his heart. It became quickly apparent after he began working at the hospital and watching the care staff interact and work alongside their patients, that there was more he could offer to the world. After self-reflection and input from his co-workers, Adam applied to college and began his nursing career. Like most new graduate nurses, Adam began in the inpatient units, building and honing his skills. He quickly transitioned in the Emergency and Pediatric Emergency finding his voice to advocate for the best possible care for those in need.


Nurse / Founder

Meet Ameen

Born in Nigeria, Ameen immigrated to Canada at the of 7 along side his family. Growing up, he quickly excelled in sports and academics. He also quickly realized that he was passionate about helping others, particularly those in the most vulnerable populations. Nursing fit all of his criteria for a career that would allow him to give back, while feeling fulfilled knowing he is making a difference. After graduation from high school, he quickly found himself looking to the future and he sought a career that would incorporate his personal passions, while giving him autonomy to give back to the community. Nursing fit the bill perfectly, and throughout nursing school he always asked himself what acuity of nursing would fit him best. After graduating and working a variety of units, ranging from tertiary to emergency he found his passion on a High Acuity Unit.


Nurse / Founder

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world - Anne Frank

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